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Leonida Oud Strings 5th



The Aoud Léonida sets are meant for professional musicians and amateurs. They are spread throughout the world, in countries where the aoud is traditionally played. All the trebles are gauged in order to get a better intonation. 

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Savarez 5580F set for Arabic or Turkish oud. This set has 5 double-length strings, which need to be cut in half to make a 10 string set. There is no low 6th course, so you could either add a low 6th from Pyramid or a high f.


1st: .61mm / .024in plain nylon 
2nd: .82mm / .032in plain nylon 
3rd: .67mm / .026in silver wound 
4th: .74mm / .029in silver wound 
5th: .78mm / .031in silver wound